Short stay visa for tourism, private or family visit

You want to go to France for personal purpose for a stay not exceeding three months in any six -month period.

We invite you to apply for a short-stay visa for a private, tourist or family visit by setting up your dossier with the following parts :

1. An application form for short stay visa (pdf, 92 KB), full duplex, signed by the applicant.
2. A recent photograph on a light background.
3. 40,000 FCFA in cash.
4. Valid passport issued since less than 10 years, with a validity of at least three months beyond the requested visa, with at least two blank pages and photocopies of pages containing personal data and those displaying the last visas and stamps of entry and exit from the Schengen area.
5. National identity card or residence permit for non-Cameroonians
6. Proof of family status (vital records and / or family book)
7. hosting documents :
-  Stay with an individual resident in France : Home certificate issued by the town hall of residence and a copy of the resident card or the CNI hosting
-  Hotel stay : reservation.
-  Particular situation : title and land tax or lease and last electricity bill or other record corresponding to the particular situation.
8. Proof of employment status : business card, business license, pays slips of last three months, certificate of employment and leave for employees.
9. Supporting livelihoods for the duration of stay in the amount of 65 € / day / person or half if accommodation certificate + account statements of the last three months.
10. Round-trip flight booking
11. Travel insurance covering medical expenses and repatriation, with a minimum coverage of 20 million CFA francs, valid for the entire stay.

For minor children, the parents’ permission for leaving the territory and the birth certificate must be obligatorily presented, as well as a certificate of registration in a school.

To help you build your dossier, download the checklist of required documents (pdf, 29 KB)

Warning : Please prepare a copy of the required documentation. No photocopies may be made on site.

All of these documents will help to study your case. The visa service can request additional information and to check the authenticity of the documents produced. The presentation of a complete file does not necessarily mean the visa. The originals of the documents requested by the visa service must be presented at the visa service and may be required by the Border Police.

Dernière modification : 27/04/2016

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