Visa of installation for a parent of French or his/her foreign spouse

Your child is French or married to a French national and you want to sit with him / her.

If your child has the ability to welcome you in good conditions and if you already depend on him, you can request a long-stay visa by submitting the following documents :

If you do not wish to live in France but just visit your French child, you might request a short stay visa as forebear of French national.

1. A long-stay visa application form, completed on both sides, signed by the applicant.
2. A recent photograph, clear background
3. 65,000 FCFA in cash
4. Valid passport issued since less than 10 years, a validity of at least three months beyond the requested visa, with at least two blank pages and photocopies of pages containing personal data and those displaying the last visas and stamps of entry and exit from the Schengen area.
5. National identity card or residence permits for non-Cameroonians.
6. Proof of the applicant’s family situation.
7. Supporting the family link with the French national or his spouse :
-  Complete copy of the birth certificate (drawn up or transcribed by a French administration) of the French descendant,
-  Or birth certificate of the foreign descendant + full copy of less than 2 months of her marriage certificate (drawn up or transcribed by a French administration) with the French partner.
8. Documents relating to the French nationality of the descendant or spouse : national identity card, certificate of French nationality or amplifying a decree of naturalization or reinstatement in French nationality
9. Applicant Resource documents : supporting professionals (patent, pay slips of last three months) or pension statements for the last three months for retirees + bank account statements for the last three months.
10. Maintenance supporting of the French descendant or spouse : proof of money transfers.
11. Supporting documents for the hosting resources : pay slips last three months + last tax on the duplex income ; information on the composition of the family and family expenses down.
12. Proof of the arrangements for accommodation and medical coverage of the forebear during the stay in France.
13. If the forebear is under 65 years : commitment not to engage in any occupation in France.

To help you build your dossier, download the checklist of required documents (PDF ; 219 KB)

Warning : Please prepare a copy of the required documentation. No photocopies may be made on site. All of these documents will help to study your case. The visa service can request additional information and check the authenticity of the documents produced. The presentation of a complete file does not necessarily mean the visa. The originals of the documents requested by the visa service must be presented at the visa service and may be required by the Border Police.

Dernière modification : 27/04/2016

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